Do you want to:

become emotionally resilient in your toxic workplace

Without losing your career, reputation or sanity?

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The Empath Training online program is there for you when you feel like your back’s against the wall and you’re on your own in dealing with impossible, crazy-making managers whom the company see as “normal,” when they’re actually pathologically disturbed.

You’ve thought of everything, but your efforts have backfired. Complaints to HR don’t work, you’re labelled a “troublemaker,” then the workplace ramps up the hostility even more.

No one understands the depth of misery working in that place every day. You can’t sleep at night, your stomach’s in knots, you can’t concentrate well enough to do your job and you just want OUT! 

BUT – what you have is too precious to lose: an income, a career, a reputation…

This program will help end your feelings of powerlessness and self-doubt because those toxic energy vampires are targeting YOU.

It will be such a relief to finally feel understood. Maybe you’re not crazy after all!

The next stage is getting you to a more stable place of inner calm and centredness so you can finally think straight – first time in months!

You switch from a place of tunnel vision, focused on the threat, to a place of perspective where life opens up and you’re amazed to see you do have options, you can create a better life without having to struggle all the time.

You get to realise that you can succeed in reclaiming back your power so you’re firmly back in the driver’s seat of your own life – where you belong.

Supercharge your communication skills so you can do cool stuff like:

  • Persuade the unpersuadable
  • Win arguments without conflict
  • Remove yourself from negativity even while in its midst
  • Crush self-doubt like a boss

Along the way you’ll learn new ways of being in the world that take you to a place of self-mastery.

Empath Training

9 Modules Of Mastery:

Welcome To Empath Training

At the beginning of the program you receive some practical assignments that make you feel like finally you’re doing something proactive about your situation.

You’ll discover a new perspective as you take this exciting journey of transformation. You’ll be hitting the ground running by receiving feedback almost immediately with assignments that are the basis of our work together.

The Silence of Mindfulness

The method of mindfulness is the foundation of the work we’ll do together. A good grounding in mindfulness will facilitate more insights into your subconscious mind.

You’ll become acutely aware of how you sabotage your own success and how you can redirect your focus towards more positive choices. With the increased self-awareness and insight that mindfulness brings you get to be wiser, calmer, more compassionate, contented and successful.

Dive Into Change

Discover how to spot a bully-prone workplace before your next interview so you never have to work for a bad boss again. Find out why it’s not your fault that you ended up with a bad boss and a toxic workplace (even though you keep asking yourself: “why do I always attract these people in my life?“).

Hint: it has something to do with the systems and structures already in place but you didn’t know how to read the signs yet.

Settle The Stress

Get an effective method to generate a calm and centred space within yourself during periods of intense stress so you can easily quiet the noise of your terrified, angry and emotional mind that your toxic workplace triggers.

No matter how agitated your mind is, this method is simple and easy to follow. And no, you don’t have to sit in a lotus position and chant OM! Regular meditation is almost impossible when you’re feeling this agitated.

Teflon Self-Esteem

Crush self-doubt like a boss using these simple yet effective methods. When you discover and enact your true value, you’ll no longer have to put up with second best – at work or at home.

With better self-worth, you’ll have the confidence to go for a better job with better pay – or succeed in other areas of your life too.

Effectively Manage Toxic People And Workplaces

Discover what makes your bad boss tick so you can manage him like the Ninja you are to minimise the impact of his bad behaviour.

By the time we’re done, you’ll be persuading the unpersuadable, diffusing anger like a seasoned diplomat, psychologically removing yourself from conflict, taming the raging narcissist AND skilfully dealing with the passive-aggressive manager.

Weather The Crisis

The Chinese character for “crisis” is danger + opportunity. When you plan effectively for a crisis, you have no need to fear. You can maintain your focus even in the midst of chaos.

You’ll discover how to stay centred and calm during this temporary upheaval. You get a practical survival tool kit so you have resources to fall back on. Once you’re better prepared, your situation will seem hopeful rather than hopeless.

Deepen Your Emotional Recovery

A stressful workplace can leave deep emotional scars. We address that scarring using a gentle and safe method to release the trauma from your body.

Without the chaos of trauma you’ll see your life more clearly, take a larger perspective and have greater access to your innate spirituality and creativity.

Work In Harmony With Your Subconscious Mind

Harness the power of the subconscious mind when issues from the past are triggered by current stressful events.

We explore how to analyse your dreams and read your body for clues about what personal issues need to be healed and what opportunities you can create when you can fully and freely BE in the present moment without shouldering the burdens of the past.

Don’t Delay – Get The Help You Need Now!

Empath Training

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15-Day Guarantee

Remember: If the program doesn't suit your needs for any reason, I offer you a 15-day, money-back guarantee, post-purchase of the program, no questions asked!

Empath Training

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is The Price In US Dollars?

The price is in US dollars because this program is available to a global audience. If you’re not sure how much it costs in your local currency, click here for currency conversion.

How Does This Program Compare With Individual Therapy?

There simply isn’t enough time in a one-hour weekly therapy session to cover all the new learning you get here.

In this program, you get to cover more ground than you can in therapy alone because you get instant access to the best of my knowledge and experience, distilled from over 20 years’ experience working with clients.

Will I Get Rebates?

There are no Medicare rebates or, as far as I know, Private Health Fund rebates available in Australia for the program (but please check with your health fund).

However, some of my U.S. clients have had success in obtaining rebates from their pre-tax health benefit accounts using “flex” spending. Please do research your options – you may be pleasantly surprised!

Additionally, as a work-related expense, you may be able to claim the cost of the program back on your tax. For more details, please speak to your accountant.

How Much Time Will The Program Take Each Week?

For you to get the best results, you need to participate fully in the program. Participation will require a minimum of two hours per week and is made up of:

  1. Going through the course material
  2. Completing homework assignments
  3. Engaging with your community
  4. Attending the coaching calls when they’re offered